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Pest Control Warrington, Manchester

Redwatch Solutions offer a wide range of pest services to homes and businesses in the North West Area. If you need to get rid of rats, ants, moles, wasps or bees, give us a call. We can even install bird netting and spikes. Our services are effective and affordable and you'll find our technician is friendly and discreet. To get more information and book a free initial consultation, give us a call now on 0800 999 5911 or 07502992996, or send an email to us at for a prompt reply.
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Commercial Control

If your business is having trouble with pests, we can help. Our commercial sector work is based on a contract structure which covers all aspects of your business needs. We will lay down a plan of action and continue to visit your site throughout the year at regular intervals. For more information on our affordable commercial contracts, call us today.
View of a Redwatch Solutions professional doing pest control at a commercial site

Domestic Control

We take care of domestic pest control problems on a case-by-case basis. If you have pests causing a nuisance inside or outside your home, you can rely on us to put a stop to them. There's no need to worry about the neighbours when you call us, as we conduct our business in a very discreet way. Call us on 0800 999 5911 or 07502992996 today.
Domestic pest control in progress by Redwatch Solutions expert


The presence of a colony of ants can be annoying and unsanitary. They can undermine the structure of your buildings and attack stored food. We can use chemical, biological and physical means to keep ants under control.
Ants pest control offered by Redwatch Solutions


Wasps can be a danger to humans since they are aggressive and are likely to sting. This is a particular concern if you have children. If wasps are nesting on your building or in your garden, you need to call professionals like us to remove it.
Wasps pest control offered by Redwatch Solutions


Although not always as aggressive as wasps, bees can still give a nasty sting and some people can have a dangerous allergic reaction to bee stings. Bee swarms can also be a particular problem. If you need a colony of bees removing, call us.
Bees pest control offered by Redwatch Solutions


Bedbugs are particularly undesirable and once they take hold, a range of pesticide and non-pesticide treatments may be required to get rid of them. Luckily, we are the bedbug control experts, so call us if you have a problem.
Bedbugs pest control offered by Redwatch Solutions


A flea infestation can take hold surprisingly easily, especially if you have household pets who bring them into the house in their fur. Once infested your house and pets may need a course of extermination measures. Call 0800 999 5911 for details.
Fleas pest control offered by Redwatch Solutions


Mice can be a serious nuisance to both domestic homes and businesses - especially those in the catering sector. Once you see the tell-tale droppings, give us a call immediately as it can take some time to get rid of mice completely.
Brown Rat


Rats are unhygienic and highly invasive pests and their presence carries an amount of stigma, especially for commercial premises. Rats are bold and intelligent rodents, so you'll need professionals like us to solve a rat problem.
Rats pest control offered by Redwatch Solutions


Although domesticated rabbits are kept as pets, wild rabbit populations can cause havoc, particularly on agricultural land and in gardens. If you have a rabbit warren in your garden, give us a call on 0800 999 5911 for details and a free consultation.
A dead European rabbit


Moles can be a major problem for those with gardens as they undermine plant roots and destroy lawns, promote weed growth by leaving fresh soil around and can even damage drainage systems. Call us now if you see a molehill.
Mole in molehill showing claws


Pigeons can present serious problems when they nest. Their droppings are extremely toxic and they return to the same spot to nest up to 4 times a year. Specialists are needed to clean up after them and discourage their return. Call 0800 999 5911 now.
Pidgeons pest control offered by Redwatch Solutions

Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels were not originally native to this country and have no natural predators. They can be a major pest due to the fact that they will eat tomatos and strawberries, as well as other garden crops and even tree bark. If you have squirrels, call us.
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