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Agricultural Pest Control

Proving Pest Control Solutions in Rural Areas

Redwatch Solutions also offer agricultural pest control for those in more rural areas of the community. We cover commercial growers, golf clubs, garden centers, bowling greens, farms and equestrian centers.

As horse owners ourselves we are familiar with the rural aspects and we understand teh problems and dangers pests can cause not only to property but to livestock as well. 

We offer a free survey, contract service agreements or just single jobs. We already provide cover to many of the above in Lancashire and Cheshire areas and cover the following pests:

  • Rabbits  - We can organise AM or PM shoots, we also work with a team of ferrets for rabbit control


  • Rats and Mice - Control of rodents within the criteria of the CRRU


  • Moles - We can deal with moles by trapping


  • Squirrels - We also offer a squirrel control service

Call us today for a free no obligation quotation

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