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Mice Control

Mouse Removal Service

Mice are located in every corner of the UK and problems with mice infestations usually comes around autumn time when mice start moving into peoples homes seeking shelter from the cold and food. Mice can enter your home through many holes, nooks and crannies. Mice have flexible skeletons which means they can even squeeze through a hole the width of a no.2 pencil!

Signs Of A Mouse Infestation

Droppings - Mice droppings are small brown moist pellets that turn grey when they have dried out and easily crumble to the touch. Droppings can be found under the sink, in food cupboards and along mice footpaths. 

Nests - Mice like to make nests in warm places such as behind fridge freezers and other kitchen appliances. They use shredded paper, fabric to build their nests. Nests will often have young inside.

Chewing/Gnawing Marks - Mice keep their teeth short by constantly gnawing on wood, wiring, walls and other materials this leaves teeth marks.

Ammonia Smell - Mice urinate everywhere they run and in heavily infested areas there will be a strong smell of ammonia.

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