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Bee Control & Bee Nest Removal

Bee Removal 

Bees are found all over the world and there is some 20.000 recorded species of different bees. Some bees are solitary where as bumble bees and honey bees are what we call social bees. 

If you suspect you have a bees nest it is essential that you contact us so we can come and survey the nest to establish what species of bee it is as some bees are protected and require different methods of control.

The only way to rid your property of bees completely is to remove the hive entirely to ensure bees do not return.

If you have found a bees nest on your property or in your home do not attempt to remove it yourself please contact us immediately on 07502 992 996 or 0800 999 5911 and we will come and safely remove the bees for you.

Got a bee problem? Give us a buzz for free advice

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