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Flea Control

Flea Treatment

Fleas are nasty parasites that feed on warm blooded animals such as humans and pets. Flea infestations can become quite extensive rather quickly and if an infestation is heavy then they tend to turn to human hosts as well as animal hosts.

Fleas generally require warm and humid conditions to grow and develop their young. People generally do not realise they have an infestation until they spend a bit of time away from home and the fleas become hungry, when you return they become more active in the search for food and tend to find human hosts as well as pet hosts.

The most common fleas tend to be the cat flea which feeds on both cats and dogs and other pets, flea infestations can become extensive if not resolved quickly.

If you suspect you may have a flea infestation please contact us and will survey the extent of the problem and draw up a treatment plan for you.

Got a flea problem? Give us a call today for free advice

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