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Ant Control

Ant Control & Ant Nest Removal

Ants are social creatures and live in large colonies, treatment for ants and ant nests should involve destroying the entire nest as apposed to using a do it yourself ant spray which may only kill a few.

Ants generally enter property in the search of food and shelter so understanding how ants behave is the best way to determine what treatment should be used to get rid of the ants. Ants are usually looking for sweet or grease/protein based food and once they have located a source of food they will leave a trail of pheromones for the other ants to follow. 

Signs Of An Ant Infesation

Live Ants - The presence of live ants crawling around either in or near your property is always a good sign there is a nest nearby

Ant Tracks and Pathways - Ants leave a chemical trail for other ants to follow to sources of food, these often go from outside to inside your home

Ants Nest - We have all seen small mounds of dirt coming from between paving slabs or from the walls of a building, this is a sign of an ant nest.

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