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Mouse Control

Mice infestations can affect any home or business across the UK as they can survive off almost anything as a food source and have the capability to reproduce very quickly. Here at Redwatch Solutions we have used our knowledge of this common pest to put together a list of the most effective mouse control methods you can use to get rid of mice from your property.

Mice Control Methods

Eliminate Entry Points – An effective way to reduce the size of a mouse infestation or stop one from occurring in the first place is eliminating any entry points they may use. This can be a difficult job as mice can squeeze themselves through a gap just a quarter inch small! Any cracks in foundations, walls and around vents and utility wires should be sealed. It is best to use steal wool or corking as mice can easily chew through rubber, wood and plastic. If you find gaps in your windows and doors then weather stripping would be the best fix for this.

Use Mouse Traps – If you have an infestation already then it is a good idea to set traps. Wooden snap traps would be sufficient however it is important not to underestimate the scale of a mouse infestation you may have so maybe try a few different traps with different baits to ensure the best possible results.

Bait – Use the right kind of bait for your traps. You can try food products they have been eating in your property, or a few common favourites for mice are, chocolate, peanut butter, dried fruit, bacon and oatmeal. Rebait your traps every two days with fresh bait, you could also try using nesting materials such as cotton balls and feathers.

Trap Placement – traps should be placed vertical to the walls with the trigger facing your skirting board. Put trap in places you see signs of mice like streaks on the walls or droppings. Try and change the location of the traps every two days.

Eliminate Hiding Places Inside and Out – Clear any debris from around your home both inside and out. Clutter provides plenty of hiding places for mice to safely nest and rear their young. Also remove weeds and overgrown shrubbery from around your home as this can also attract mice to your home and provide them with a nice shelter to nest. If you find any burrows or nests around your home then destroy them. Doing all this will help you spot potential infestations and control the problem before it escalates.

Pest Controller – If you have tried all these methods but still have persistent mice problems then its time to call in a professional pest controller. They have the knowledge, tools and expertise needed to effectively control and get rid of a mouse infestation.

If you are experiencing problems with a mouse infestation or need advice on how to deal with mice then contact Redwatch Solutions on - 0800 999 5911

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